How To Use The RibFXBelt®

Wrap the belt around the affected rib fracture area. Direction of pull is always across the chest so for right- handed people begin wrapping belt under left arm.

For left-handed people begin wrapping belt under right arm.

Center the sewn on plate end to midline area of the affected ribs. Fold back excess material and extend loose end of plate to the other side of the belt. Use this gap width between the plates as a cutting guide.

Cut excess material off just in front of the loose plate approximately 1 inch.

After cutting, material should extend past the plate approximately 1 inch.

Pull handle to achieve desired support. Hold handle with slight tension and push cord lock button to adjust tension.

To limit accidentally over compressing we only have a gap width of 2 inches between the plates. We have also incorporated 4 inches of elastic in the belt to maintain normal breathing patterns.

Our goal is to provide light support to surgical and non-surgical rib fracture patients.

Suspenders are included if needed.

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