Pediatric PelvicBinder® Fitting Instructions

Slide pelvic binder under supine patient. Center pelvic binder over greater trochanters.

Fold Back the excess material and extend the loose end of the plate to the other side of the belt. Use this gap width between the two ends of the plates as a cutting guide.
Cut the binder approximately 1-inch past the plate so that after cutting the plate rest on the binder cloth material.

To achieve pelvic reduction pull the draw cord across the pelvis.

Image of patient with pelvic binder stabilizing the pelvis.

Pediatric PelvicBinder Nursing considerations

  • Hip circumference range?
    14" to 32"
  • Disposable?
    Yes. The binders are one time use only.
  • How long?
    The binders are recommended for temporary pelvic stabilization, 24 to 48 hour use.
  • How often should I check the skin?
    Daily skin assessments should be performed.
  • Skin assessments?
    To assess the skin, one health car provider slides his or her fingers under the binder, to hold the pelvis stable, while another health care provider loosens the binder and inspects the skin.

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Pediatric PelvicBinder® Fitting Instructions and Nursing Considerations

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